Achange in your life narrative essay

My husband is not as excited as I am about embarking on such lifestyle. He's 15 years older, retired and pretty settled. This is something that I have always wanted to do. I have actually collected maps of the world for years and have planned on this. Additionally, I have followed Suzi Siegle while she traveled the world too. She was a successful single female from NY and had graduated from Harvard. Her reason for traveling for a year was that she "felt stuck and needed to get unstuck." She posted a journal for the entire year and I tracked her and downloaded the journal. Should I let me husband deny me of such a dream? I have only been married for 1 year. The way I feel is that we have less time ahead of us then we have behind us. What's your thoughts?

I couldn’t agree with you more. I started to change things in my life 3yrs ago still not where I want to be but am getting there. Certain family members on my estrange husbands side of the family weren’t good for us to be around emotionally abusive people especially the women in that family. Since me and kids have nothing to do with them in the last 2yrs our lifes have changed for the better in some amazing ways. Wish he could see them for who they are but its normal to him since he is 43yrs grew up around it. Your list is a good one to follow I have written things down over the yrs go back and read it yeah I do miss something from my past but I don’t regret walking away from people like them that was the best thing my husband every did for us as a family when he lefted I stopped hanging around them. cause I ended up turning out like them over the yrs. Am glad that I have changed certain things in my life. All I can say is listened to what Rebecca has to say cause in the long run your lifes can only get better and be more amazing than you every thought possible.

Achange in your life narrative essay

a change in your life narrative essay


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