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  lumi₁ - to crowd uncomfortably; to overturn, pound, crush, as the surf; ....
  lumi₂ - room, cell.
      lumi ʻaina - dining room. lunchroom HE
      lumi ʻauʻau - bathroom. lit., washing room.
      lumi ʻauʻau - bathroom.
      lumi hāiki - narrow room, cell.
      lumi hana - work room, multipurpose room (school)
      lumi hoʻāhu - storeroom.
      lumi hoʻāhu - storeroom.
      lumi holoi - laundry room.
      lumi hoʻokipa - parlor, living room, lobby. lit., entertaining room.
      lumi hoʻokipa - living room.
      lumi hoʻoluana - lounge, reception room.
      lumi hoʻolulu - waiting room.
      lumi hoʻomaha - rest room
      lumi hoʻopau pilikia - var. spelling of lumi hoʻopaupilikia , bathroom. lit., room (for) relieving discomfort.
      lumi hoʻopaupilikia - bathroom. lit., room (for) relieving discomfort.
      lumi hulahula - ballroom.
      lumi huna - attic. lit., ceiling room.
      lumi kaupaku - attic. lit. , room (under the) roof. also lumi kaupoku , lumi kaupuku , lumi huna .
      lumi kuke - kitchen. lit., cooking room.
      lumi kuke - kitchen.
      lumi limahana - staff room
      lumi linohau - deluxe room, as in a hotel. lit., ornamented room.
      lumi lolouila - computer room
      lumi maʻamau - standard room, as in a hotel. lit., ordinary room.
      lumi moe - bedroom. lit., sleeping room.
      lumi moe - bedroom.
      lumi ʻohana - family room.
      lumi paʻahao - prison cell
      lumi papa - classroom
      lumi papa haʻahaʻa - elementary classroom
      lumi waiho pā - pantry. lit., room for leaving plates.
      lumi waiho ukana - storeroom. lit., room to leave goods.
           hoa lumi - roommate.
           nui ka lumi - plenty of room

Applications for this program are available every month on a first-come first-serve basis. There are a limited number of applications given out each month, so we encourage our potential patients to arrive early in order to ensure the best possibility of obtaining an application. Please call one of our Patient Care Coordinators at 615-329-4790 (Nashville office) or 615-225-4141 (Murfreesboro office) to find out when we are having our next Application Day. Download our What to Bring PDF for a full list of the required documents necessary to complete your application.

Another oft-cited parallel with Egyptian literature is the creation of people from clay on a potter’s wheel by the god Khnum, which his consort Heket animates with the “breath of life.” 23 But it appears that Khnum creates every person and animal in this manner, not just the first man. 24 Although the creation of people from clay mixed with the breath or blood of a god also occurs in many Mesopotamian texts, the clay theme itself is not universal: one text speaks of people springing up from the earth like grain, seeded by the blood of two gods; 25 another relates how people simply emerge from the ground as Enlil hoes it. 26

Anu thesis binding

anu thesis binding


anu thesis bindinganu thesis bindinganu thesis bindinganu thesis binding