Art spiegelman maus essay

This idea of replacing people's faces with those of animals made this story more appealing. Who would want to read a graphic novel about World War II; a war that was the result of the deaths of millions of people. I don't believe too many people would. Art Speigelman was a genius in this way. He made this father's story both insightful and interesting. The fact that the book is in comic form with animals instead of humans, allows you to absorb the story and it's gruesome details until you understand the reality of it. Art Speigelman's

“The most brilliant thing was, this same person who came up with Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids [cards] now decided to depict the Nazis as cats and Jews as mice. Wow. This was in equal parts outrageous, disturbing, subversive, witty — and yet somehow comforting,” says Smith, who is director of the forthcoming Cartoon Crossroads Columbus festival in Ohio. “By using talking animals, Spiegelman allows his readers just enough emotional-safety distance to be able to follow a story that takes place during the Holocaust. Before you know it, you are with Vladek, unmoored and slipping into the cruelest pits of hell.”

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Art spiegelman maus essay

art spiegelman maus essay


art spiegelman maus essayart spiegelman maus essayart spiegelman maus essayart spiegelman maus essay