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Nolan and McIntire worked together several times from the late 1960s on, sometimes as voice actors. They appeared in a 1969 KCET television reading of Norman Corwin 's 1938 radio play The Plot to Overthrow Christmas , with McIntire as the Devil and Nolan as Lucrezia Borgia . In 1977 they appeared in the 23rd Disney animated film The Rescuers , in which McIntire voiced the cat Rufus and Nolan the muskrat Ellie Mae. Four years later, the couple worked on the 24th Disney film, The Fox and the Hound , with McIntire as the voice of Mr. Digger, an ill-tempered badger , and Nolan as the original voice of Widow Tweed, the old kindly widow who takes in Tod after his mother was killed by an off-screen hunter.

Crusader rabbit jess mowry essay

crusader rabbit jess mowry essay


crusader rabbit jess mowry essaycrusader rabbit jess mowry essaycrusader rabbit jess mowry essay