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Milton Hershey, the inventor of Hershey`s chocolate, also a guest. He expanded his factory multiple times. He produced over 1,000,000 chocolate bars each year! I would like to know how many chocolate bars were sold. Last, I would want to know is that how many people visit Hershey`s every year. The Final, guest is Robert Cade. He is the inventor of gatorade. He originally gave a sports drink for a college football team the Florida Gators. I drink gatorade usually every time I play a sport and I would ask him how it is made? A another question to ask him is how many flavors are there for gatorade?

World makers, social network makers, ask one question first: How can I do it? Zuckerberg solved that one in about three weeks. The other question, the ethical question, he came to later: Why? Why Facebook? Why this format? Why do it like that? Why not do it another way? The striking thing about the real Zuckerberg, in video and in print, is the relative banality of his ideas concerning the “Why” of Facebook. He uses the word “connect” as believers use the word “Jesus,” as if it were sacred in and of itself: “So the idea is really that, um, the site helps everyone connect with people and share information with the people they want to stay connected with….” Connection is the goal. The quality of that connection, the quality of the information that passes through it, the quality of the relationship that connection permits—none of this is important. That a lot of social networking software explicitly encourages people to make weak, superficial connections with each other (as Malcolm Gladwell has recently argued 1 ), and that this might not be an entirely positive thing, seem to never have occurred to him.

Raimi developed a sense of mise en scène , coming up with ideas for scenes at a fast rate. [13] He had drawn several crude illustrations to help him break down the flow of scenes. The crew was surprised when Raimi began using dutch angles during shots to build atmosphere during scenes. [22] To accommodate Raimi's style of direction, several elaborate, low-budget rigs had to be built, since the crew could not afford a camera dolly . One involved the "vas-o-cam", which relied on a mounted camera that was slid down long wooden platforms to create a more fluid sense of motion. [22]

Dead essay man movie walking

dead essay man movie walking


dead essay man movie walkingdead essay man movie walkingdead essay man movie walkingdead essay man movie walking