Documentclass in latex for thesis

Thank you for looking into this issue. Your comments helped me one step in the right direction: I’ve managed to hide the cline by coloring it the rowcolor.
Here is a stripped example of my table, which kind of works.
As you can see there are still some issues:
1: The right vertical table border is not shown (is it affected by the cline-color perhaps?)
2: The “very long text” in my third “main” row is put within one cell (which I understand, due to multirow not being used). However, I would like it to span over the next three rows AND keep its color.

Speaking of credit for authors of digital media: Adobe has recently announced enhanced digital-rights management capabilities for Flash. Other formats such as Quicktime already offer this, so there isn't really any surprise that Flash wants to offer it, too. The worry may be that Flash movies and games will therefore become less freely available. Looking at some of the Flash games that are out there, this may actually be a good thing... (take this page for example ). But the truth is that giving the author some control over what people do with his or her work should generally be a matter of common sense. It is not in itself a bad development, because authors who want to distribute their work for free can still do so with the same technology. And you wouldn't want to distribute free copies of a file if the author doesn't want you to, right?

Documentclass in latex for thesis

documentclass in latex for thesis


documentclass in latex for thesisdocumentclass in latex for thesisdocumentclass in latex for thesisdocumentclass in latex for thesis