Irish essayist

Lynd goes on to observe that apparently everything that is nasty is un-English, though when Americans describe something as ‘un-American’ they are talking politics. They are not expressing the national snobbery that is so evident in those who use the term ‘un-English’ every time something unpleasant occurs.
The literary essay is not now as popular a form of writing as it once was, but Lynd’s collections should be available in most public libraries. They are worth delving into if only in memory of the author who died 54 years ago.

Martin is the recipient of major awards: the prestigious Gradam Ceoil, Musician of the Year Award from the Irish language television station TG 4; Man of the Year from the American Irish Historical Society; Folk Instrumentalist of the Year from BBC Radio; Ireland’s National Entertainment Award (the Irish ‘Grammy’); and six All-Ireland fiddle championships before the age of nineteen. He is also Artistic Director of the Masters of Tradition Festival in West County Cork, Ireland, and of the touring festival of the same name which has traveled to America, Australia, and Italy.

Irish essayist

irish essayist


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