Landscape planning dissertation

To achieve balance in a landscape, try to position elements so they give equal weight -- through size, color, texture, or other aspects -- to each side of a scene. How formal this weighting should be again is dictated by style of house and personal preference. Symmetrical houses often look best when each feature and plant is duplicated on the opposite side of a front walk (as long as the walk isn't too long or too narrow). Most houses, though, are asymmetrical, since they have only one garage or drive. In this case, balance is more subtle. Perhaps a tall tree belongs on the side opposite the driveway.

We can provide advice at a number of different levels including initial pre-planning advice, landscape and visual appraisals for smaller schemes where an impact assessment is not required, and finally full LVIAs for both EIA and non-EIA schemes. All assessments are undertaken using the latest Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment ( GLVIA3 ). LVIAs can include visually verified photomontages, and we produce these in compliance with latest guidelines , using a full-sensor camera, tripod and GPS device to produce the most accurate visualisations.

Landscape planning dissertation

landscape planning dissertation


landscape planning dissertationlandscape planning dissertationlandscape planning dissertationlandscape planning dissertation