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Psychologist Zachary Roper and his team worked with two groups of volunteers: 13- to16-year olds and 20- to 35-year-old adults. Each volunteer had to play a game of sorts. During a training phase, a computer displayed six circles, each a different color. The players had to find the red or green circle. These targets had either a horizontal or vertical line inside. The remaining circles had lines at other angles. When the participant found the correct target, they had to press one of two keys on a keyboard. One key would report they had found the vertical line. The other reported finding a horizontal line.

Quote: "Many researchers have assumed that bigger is better and tried to correlate structure and function, said Dr. Mark Tramo, a neuroscientist and Harvard Medical School.  But some argue that complex traits like language or music and embedded in microcircuits all over the brain.  The right hemisphere 'does well with single word comprehension,' Dr. Tramo said.  But the extraordinary talent for music, language, or other complex human traits might be related to details of micro circuitry all over the brain, he said."

Newspaper articles brain research

newspaper articles brain research


newspaper articles brain researchnewspaper articles brain researchnewspaper articles brain researchnewspaper articles brain research