Opinionated topics for essays

The temporary short selling ban is a smoke screen and scapegoat for hiding the real problems drowning the market. We have the “brilliance” of Wall Street which is comprised of an army of bankers, lawyers and accountants that created highly complex financial instruments in response to society’s desire to increase home ownership AND have access to capital via credit cards and auto loans. In short, US society is on a drug and that drug is leverage. Unfortunately, we are working toward a painful and long overdue withdrawal.

The main body contains your arguments supporting your opinion. This should consists of several well developed paragraphs. Each of these with a separate argument supporting your viewpoint. It’s also important to include an argument that is against your opinion and then reasons why that argument is invalid. The paragraphs should be cohesive thoughts joined together by linking words and statements. At the beginning of each paragraph there should be a topic sentence. This sentence should summarizes the argument that you are going to make in the paragraph.

Opinionated topics for essays

opinionated topics for essays


opinionated topics for essaysopinionated topics for essaysopinionated topics for essaysopinionated topics for essays