Sales force management case study essay

This research examines sales organizations’ sales performance management (SPM) practices. SPM, as popularized by sales technology solution providers, has come to refer to a portfolio of planning and resource allocation activities. These are sales budgeting, performance forecasting, territory design, salesperson deployment, quota allocation, and incentive compensation management. Our study identi es which elements of the SPM mix provide the greatest value to sales leadership, which represent the most important improvement priorities, and where managers are realizing return on SPM investments.

Many sales managers are always on the go. The growth of smartphones has reignited the creation of mobile sales force automation systems. Most companies IT departments are aware that adopting new abilities requires extensive testing. Despite the time needed to test such a new product, it will pay off in the future for the sales department. Smartphones appeal to salespeople because they are easy to carry and easy to use, show an appealing interface design, touchscreens and fast wireless network abilities. More than 55% of global 2000 organization will deploy mobile SFA project by 2011 and newer Smartphone platforms, such as Apple's iOS and Google's Android , point to a future of increasing diversity in device selecting and support for sales force. [3] When implementing the mobile sales force automation application or during the first stage of systems development life cycle, project teams will need to evaluate how prospective solutions comprising mobile devices , software and support infrastructure and carrier services are packaged to deliver optimal system usability, manageability and integrative abilities, as well as scalability, reliability and performance.

Sales force management case study essay

sales force management case study essay


sales force management case study essaysales force management case study essaysales force management case study essaysales force management case study essay