Sas dissertation fellowship

The mission of the Doctor of Health Administration degree program is to develop healthcare leaders by educating them in the areas of active inquiry, critical thought, and scholarly dialogue. The program prepares students from diverse backgrounds to: lead and meet the demands of rapidly changing healthcare organizations; shape the structure of complex health systems and their future evolution; contribute to the existing body of knowledge through publication of innovative and timely research in well-respected, peer reviewed journals and presentations at reputable conferences.

Shushan Karapetian received a PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures from UCLA in 2014, where she has taught Armenian Studies courses over the past six years. This year she began her tenure as the first Postdoctoral Fellow in the UCLA Armenian Studies Program, which entails the expansion of her research on Armenian heritage speakers and the development and instruction of an entirely new course entitled Language in Diaspora: Armenian as a Heritage Language. H er research interests focus on heritage languages and speakers, particularly on the case of Armenian heritage speakers in the Los Angeles community, on which she has presented and lectured widely. She is currently serving on multiple committees in the Los Angeles Armenian community aimed at reforming Armenian language instruction and promoting the use of the Armenian language.

Sas dissertation fellowship

sas dissertation fellowship


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