Scholarships for essay

If you want to get advice, tips and a list of scholarships, sign up for our newsletter. Just send an email to ScholarshipMentor(at). Don't wait until you fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in the senior year to be disappointed with the limited amount of federal student loans or financial aid you will receive. There are many college scholarships available, this is grant money that doesn't need to be paid back, but you need to be prepared. The Bill Gates Scholarship (officially called Gates Millennium Scholars Program ) which provides financial aid to minority students with high academic credentials and leadership promise, is one example. For those who do well on the PSAT/NMSQT, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation provides both recognition and scholarships. No matter who you are or what your family income level is, there is a scholarship for you.

MRCA Foundation typically offers a scholarship for left handed students. Studies from Penn state have shown that a favor towards left handedness is directly related to improved penmanship and pleasant personality traits. Oddly enough, 20 year olds have a higher percentage of left handed population than the overall population. In fact, the overall population has a 90/10 righty to lefty ratio while 20 year olds have an 87/13 ratio. Northwestern University has published a study stating that being different in forms like left handedness has developed as a form of strategic evolution. In the case of the MRCA Foundation scholarship, it makes candidates more eligible to receive financial aid.

Scholarships for essay

scholarships for essay


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