Sport marketing dissertations

Another example of marketing through sports is the strategy used by Gillette to promote its personal hygiene products through representative figures of each sport on television during broadcast sports events. Gillette uses athletes such as tennis player Roger Federer, golfer Tiger Woods, and soccer player Thierry Henry. In the commercial these celebrities appear using the products of the company showing the results in order to demonstrate that if successful people use the products you should use them to. It is a clear example of this concept, because the company using this marketing strategy is not related to sports at all, but through important personalities of each sport it has the possibility to get to its target audience.

Being one of the organizers of “Baku Marathon 2016”,  which was a new culture, new direction and cult in the sport history of Azerbaijan; organizing the tournament and  the league of amateur football players along with the company “MFL” and carring the playground football to the professional stadiums; planning and executing an action plan directed to social media and the press for “Sabail” football team, a new name in green stadiums which are the future direction of our national football, as well as in finding young footballers, preparing a corporate branding concept, organizing the team’s work with the fans are among services that we provide. 

Public Relations Assistant (Sports League/Association) : Most teams, leagues, sports merchandise manufacturers, and sports marketing firms have a PR department, because public relations is a big part of sports marketing. In order for a sporting event to be successful, it must receive media attention, which is often generated through public relations. PR assistants work with the department head to draft press releases and pitch stories to the media. PR assistants for pro teams may help direct activities in the press box on game night. PR assistants at sports marketing firms keep track of news coverage of clients and assemble clipping reports.

Sport marketing dissertations

sport marketing dissertations


sport marketing dissertationssport marketing dissertationssport marketing dissertationssport marketing dissertations