Substance dualism essay

The mind was described as non physical as it was not located anywhere specific in the body. Descartes believed that if the mind was not closely related to the body, we could not have any feelings like hunger, thirst or pain. Descartes wanted to find the exact place where the mind influenced the body. He sought a structure in the brain as the brain stored the animal spirits and it was the only place which he believed that is not duplicate like all other brain structures. According to Descartes this structure had to be uniquely human as only humans own a mind. Descartes decided to choose the pineal gland as the point of interaction as it was surrounded by animal spirits. Still the soul was not something which should be considered as trapped in the pineal gland.

As a Catholic [44] [45] [46] in a Protestant nation, he was interred in a graveyard used mainly for orphans in Adolf Fredriks kyrka in Stockholm. His manuscripts came into the possession of Claude Clerselier , Chanut's brother-in-law, and "a devout Catholic who has begun the process of turning Descartes into a saint by cutting, adding and publishing his letters selectively." [47] In 1663, the Pope placed his works on the Index of Prohibited Books . In 1666 his remains were taken to France and buried in the Saint-Étienne-du-Mont . In 1671 Louis XIV prohibited all the lectures in Cartesianism . Although the National Convention in 1792 had planned to transfer his remains to the Panthéon , he was reburied in the Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in 1819, missing a finger and skull. [48] His skull is on display in the Musee de l'Homme in Paris. [49]

Substance dualism essay

substance dualism essay


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