Templeton fellowships essay contest

TWCF will award up to three fellowships in 2016. Each Fellowship will provide financial support of up to $110,000 per year for up to three years, tenable at any recognized university or research institution in the world, and will be subject to successful completion of TWCF’s compliance monitoring procedures. Fellows must hold a PhD by the beginning of their Fellowship, although they need not have completed their degree when submitting their application. Applications are welcome from scholars of any nationality.


Some critics have contended the Institute has run an organized campaign to mask or downplay its religious origins and agenda. They point to the Discovery Institute's renaming of its Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture to Center for Science and Culture in 2002 to avoid religious overtones implied with trying to "renew" society. [ citation needed ] They [ who? ] claim the name change "followed hard on the heels of accusations that the center's real interest was not science but reforming culture along lines favored by conservative Christians." [27] Observers of the Institute [ who? ] also point to the fact that the Discovery Institute's members are largely outspoken Christians, [4] who are promoting an explicitly Christian agenda, [57] funded largely by Christian conservatives, catering to an almost exclusively Christian constituency. [57] [58] [59] Nevertheless, the Discovery Institute also has Jewish [60] and agnostic members. [61]

Templeton fellowships essay contest

templeton fellowships essay contest


templeton fellowships essay contesttempleton fellowships essay contesttempleton fellowships essay contesttempleton fellowships essay contest