Thesis + art + forgery

Once it became known that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse was formally investigating Obama’s birth certificate, Obama’s Justice Department began harassing Sheriff Joe and his department. They attacked Arpaio personally and charged him and the Sheriff’s Department with racial profiling for doing their job in trying to fight the trafficking of illegal aliens (mostly Hispanic) and illegal drugs (mostly Hispanic). The DOJ stripped the sheriff and his department of their federal immigration enforcement credentials. Then they took to the court with the charges of racial profiling and established a monitor to watch everything the department did.

In contrast to the posed, static figures typical of paintings of the period, Bruegel suggests the trajectory of time and space through the accelerated movement of the figures. Critics Charcot and Richer wrote that the concept of visualizing movement was not formulated until the 17th century, [9] and that Bruegel prefigures motion pictures [37] and Duchamp 's Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 . [9] Karcioglu sees the painting as anticipating the 19th-century chronophotography of Étienne-Jules Marey . [7] Dutch film director Joris Ivens stated, "If Bruegel were alive today he would be a film director." [9]

Thesis + art + forgery

thesis + art + forgery


thesis + art + forgerythesis + art + forgerythesis + art + forgerythesis + art + forgery