Thesis consulting mexico

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This is the hoariest cliché an agent or editor can offer, so you’ll have to forgive me for lacking novelty, but I loved this book in a way that reminded me of why I got into this business. Watching this novel unfold, I felt like Mike Schwartz at that field in Peoria when he first discovered Henry, and I saw something of myself in 22 year old Schwartzy at the end of the novel, too: those who can’t (or can no longer) do, coach; those who love books, but whose appreciation for what it takes to write great ones makes them all the more aware that they’ll never have what it takes—well, we go into publishing. And we hope that we’ll one day have the chance to actually work with books that make us feel like the ones we read back before reading was a job.

Thesis consulting mexico

thesis consulting mexico


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