Thesis graphic design

I think this is a winning idea for several reasons! First of all, I’m really intrigued by the idea of flipping the writing instruction so that students are doing more of their writing practice in the classroom where the support is available. I would imagine that this would lead to less student frustration and that students are finding themselves better equipped to tackle the roadblocks that occur during writing. I like the fact that this activity asks students to work collaboratively to create thesis statements and build off of each other’s ideas. Also, I really like the fact that the teacher models editing and thinking out loud. This is a great way to show students what you mean, rather than just telling them. Finally, making this activity fun with music and good-natured competition will most likely make for more engaged students. Love the fact that this idea can be adaptable to other mini writing lessons. Thanks for the great idea!

The  faculty of the CDM Department  actively support students in finding appropriate internships that challenge and extend their classroom learning. Carthage’s location in the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor — minutes from the corporate headquarters for such companies as SC Johnson, Jockey International, and Snap-On Tools — offers unique access to internships and jobs. Carthage students have recently held internships at such companies as Equity Creative, Remy Bumppo Theater, Weblinx, Pivot Design, WSSP The Fan, and Sports Radio.

Thesis graphic design

thesis graphic design


thesis graphic designthesis graphic designthesis graphic designthesis graphic design