Victimology essay

What a shame; that is why those who are causing the disruptions on campus are able to do the destruction they are inflicting. As an adult you need to learn to take control of your right to express yourself freely, to stand by your convictions, or to allow fascism to take hold. These “mobs” are denying others from the education they have paid dearly for by causing fear among the faculty and the rest of the student body. the colleges should be a place of free thought unhindered by the complaints of those seeking to limit the rights of others. T
he manner in which they have chosen express their unhappiness is not acceptable behavior in a civilized society.

The head of the bureaucracy that created the banner campaign weighs in with her own banner. “Respect the full humanity of others,” urges Na’ilah Suad Nasir, the vice chancellor for equity and inclusion. This admonition would be appropriate when trying to mediate, say, between warring tribes given to slaughtering each other’s members. But the assumption that Berkeley’s pacific students are at risk of seriously violating one another’s humanity, beyond the ordinary slights of everyday social interaction, is absurd. What this seemingly gratuitous admonition really means is: “Do not violate any politically correct taboo.”

Victimology essay

victimology essay


victimology essayvictimology essayvictimology essayvictimology essay