Wandering significance an essay on conceptual behavior

Holi festival has its own social significance as it brings a lot of happiness to the people living in the society. It brings people much closer to strengthen their bond by removing all the problems. This festival turns the enemies into lifelong friends as well as removes all the differentiation of age, race and religion. To show their love and affection to each other, they share gifts, sweets and greetings cards to their relatives and friends. This festival acts as a relationships revitalizing and strengthening tonic which binds each other into the great emotional bonds.

So I had done the 1st & 2nd opening within a week of each other and then I
had walked away from the book for 1 month.  So with my initial eagerness of
wanting to get this done fast to "hmm, why I haven't I picked up the book
again?  Why do I seem to have lost interest?" I now SEE I needed exactly that
much time to move and let go of what no longer serves me.  I also have a
HUGE awareness of how things that trouble me seem to fall away quickly,
the do not matter.  Of course the BIGGEST experiences were letting go of a
lifetime of resentment and in doing so I am now living in Gratitude and
experiencing joyful moments on a daily basis.

To make your ascension, gravity has to be overcome. What holds us back—tethered to this plane? The answer is karma, wrong desires and dense vibrations. By walking the Path of the Prophets of God one can vanquish these obstacles. The Eightfold Path, including right livelihood, right desires and right diet, will lighten the body. The path of cultivating Love within the heart as Jesus and the great Masters of the East have taught is an absolute must. One must balance one's karma by making right choices each day. One can accelerate the process through mantra yoga as well, . giving prayers. Doing Hindu and Buddhists prayers and the Rosary to Mother Mary will balance karma. All mantras or prayers owe the majority of their efficacy due to the sponsoring presence of the original master. Saint Germain in the early part of the 20th century put his attainment on the line for mankind by releasing the knowledge and ability to tap into the violet flame for the transmution of karma. Giving Saint Germain's mantras of violet flame is probably the best way of transmuting negative energies that hang about us. Don't take my word for it. Try giving his mantra below for 15 miinutes a day for one month. Ask in the name of the Christ that Saint Germain assist you. Once you are familiar with it, try doing it three times at a fairly good clip, then take a breath, then 3X, breath, etc. Visualize yourself surrounded and bathed in violet fire as you give it:

Wandering significance an essay on conceptual behavior

wandering significance an essay on conceptual behavior


wandering significance an essay on conceptual behaviorwandering significance an essay on conceptual behaviorwandering significance an essay on conceptual behaviorwandering significance an essay on conceptual behavior