What makes a good coach essay

Sorry to say folks but this coach hasnt taught these kids very much. Teaching can only occur with time as a key element and this coach has not achieved that. Coaching with compassion is an art that very few lay person will understand and only the elite of coaching circles will ever fully understand. Coaches have the power to change points of view, teach new skills, and instill greater values. Coaches have always been an extension of parenting or teaching outside of the home. Some kids come from broken homes and history shows that coaches have always been a catalyst to catapult these young men and women into becoming productive members of society. I highly doubt this lesson will be held on by these five young men for future reference. For all the succesful coaches in this world know, coaching with compassion will always win over coaching for compliance.

#10) Good coaches TAKE THE TIME TO LISTEN TO AND EDUCATE THEIR ATHLETES’ PARENTS – they make it a regular practice to communicate with the parents and educate them about the sport and the role that they need to play on the team. Your success as a coach often depends upon getting parents to work with you, not against you. The only way to make this happen is if you take the time to talk to and train your parents. This means that you must learn to listen to their concerns and questions. Take a proactive role with them. Do NOT wait for a problem or crisis before you decide that it’s time to actually approach your parents. Do so right from the beginning of the season and do it often. Let them know about their support role on the team. Help them understand that their job is NOT to motivate or coach their child. Teach them what are appropriate and inappropriate behaviors at games and on the sidelines. Educate them about the sport and what it takes to excel. Explain your philosophy about competition and playing time. Be open to feedback in a non-defensive manner. 

As Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries highlights in his book, “ The Leader on the Couch ,” the most effective leadership coaches “draw heavily on psychotherapeutic frameworks and skills” in that both leadership coaching and psychotherapy deal with behaviour, emotions and thoughts. The key to leadership is self-awareness and for this to occur, it often means a journey beyond the obvious. For example, there might need to be a discussion of blind spots, defensive reactions, faulty or distorted thinking, mis-interpretation of events and situations, game-playing or agendas. Irrespective of the depth to which the leadership coach and client are willing to go, the coach must be able to recognise the pitfalls and signs that could derail the coaching process and be able to respond accordingly.

What makes a good coach essay

what makes a good coach essay


what makes a good coach essaywhat makes a good coach essaywhat makes a good coach essaywhat makes a good coach essay